Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer

Collection of drawings of the Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer with height, width, and depth dimensions

The Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer makes use of two speaker drivers at the center of Sub face inward to eliminate vibration and deliver a bold bass. The speaker can be placed upright, on its side, or even tucked under the couch.

The Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer has an overall width of 15.8” (40.2 cm), height of 15.3” (38.9 cm), and depth of 6.2” (15.8 cm).


*Under Development*

15.3” | 38.9 cm
15.8” | 40.2 cm
6.2” | 15.8 cm
36.3 lb | 16 kg
Model Number:


Drawings include:
Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer front elevation, top, side

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Speakers are electronic devices which convert audio signals into sound. Most electronic speakers are composed of a box, crossover network, and a driver which converts the signals into sound waves. A series of speakers that are combined for a more diverse array of sound are known as speaker systems.