Superman (Christopher Reeve)

Collection of drawings of Superman (Christopher Reeve) measured with overall height

Superman, also known as Clark Kent or his Kryptonian name Kal-El, is a fictional superhero and Kryptonian in the DC Comics universe and particularly the 1978 movie Superman and the ensuing series, where he was played by Christopher Reeve.

As in the comics, Christopher Reeve’s portrayal of Superman has a slew of superpowers, including invincibility, heat vision, flight, super strength, invincibility, freeze breath, x-ray vision, and super hearing, as well as having a weakness to Kryptonite. In contrast to earlier versions, Christopher Reeve brought a gentleness and humanity to the character, who had previously been known mostly for his strength and honor.

Set of drawings of Superman (Christopher Reeve) in assorted flying positions

Superman, portrayed by Christopher Reeve in Superman (1978), has a height of 6’4” (1.93 m).

How tall is Christopher Reeve's Superman?
Superman (Christopher Reeve) is 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m) tall.


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6’4” | 1.93 m
Christopher Reeve
First Appearance:
Superman (1978)


Drawings include:
Superman (Christopher Reeve) front, side, running, flying (side), flying (front), flying (fighting)


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DC Comics is an American comic book publisher which has been running in different forms, from 1934. DC stands for Detective Comics, which debuted with Batman in 1939. DC comics feature stories within the fictional DC Universe and feature superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.