Hexagon Table Sizes

Drawing illustrating options for six person or twelve person Hexagon Tables with dimensions

Hexagon Dining Tables are unique six-sided tables that are sized for seating arrangements of either six or twelve people. Limited by the the six side design, hexagonal tables are sized specifically as a smaller six person design that can be scaled up proportionally for twelve people.

The six person hexagonal table has a width of 4’6” (137 cm), while the twelve person table is sized at a width of 7’6” (229 cm).

Plan drawing of six people seated around a Hexagon Table for scale
What sizes do Hexagon Tables come in?
Because hexagonal tables are six-sided, hexagon tables are typically sized for either six or twelve people. Table widths range from 4’6”-7’6” | 137-229 cm.
What big is a hexagonal table for 6 people?
Hexagon Tables for six people are sized at a minimum width of 4’6” | 137 cm or enlarged to a more comfortable width of 5’6” | 168 cm.
What big is a hexagonal table for 12 people?
Hexagon Tables for twelve people have an overall table width of 7’6” | 229 cm with each side sized at 4’4” | 132 cm to seat two people side by side.


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6 Person Table: 4’6” | 137 cm
6 Person Table (Comfortable): 5’6” | 168 cm
12 Person Table: 7’6” | 229 cm



Drawings include:
Hexagon Table Sizes plan, plan (seating), plan (people), size diagram

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