Assortment of zebra illustrations from the side, front, back, and laying down

Zebra are a variation of the horse family known for their uniquely distinct coats of black-and-white stripes. Typically traveling in herds, zebra are found in many different habitats throughout Africa including grasslands, savannas, mountains, hills, and woodlands. Not unlike a fingerprint, the coat patterns on every individual zebra are different and are used as a form of camouflage that makes it difficult for predators to target a single zebra in a herd.

The average Zebra has an overall height of 51.0"-75.0" (1.3-1.9 m), withers height of 42.0"-60.0" (1.1-1.5 m), and body length of 64.0"-96.0" (1.6-2.4 m). A typical Zebra weighs between 440-990 lb (200-450 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 25 years.


*Under Development*

51.0"-75.0" (4’3”-6’3”) | 1.3-1.9 m
64.0"-96.0" (5’4”-8’) | 1.6-2.4 m
42.0"-60.0" (3’6”-5’) | 1.1-1.5 m
440-990 lb | 200-450 kg
Equus quagga
25 years


Drawings include:
Zebra side profile, front profile, back profile, laying down side profile


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