Bowling Ball Return

Dimensioned plan and elevation drawings of a Bowling Ball Return showing overall length, height and width

Bowling Ball Returns are specialized pieces of bowling equipment used to deliver the thrown balls back to the bowler after each throw. Embedded into the typical bowling lane, ball returns are visible in the approach area and are comprised of ball holding rails and a cover that hides and connects the rails to the tunnel housed under the bowling lane. Ball returns are connected to the pinsetter equipment to assist with the collection and returning of the ball.

Bowling Ball Returns have an overall length of 9.1’ (2.78 m) and width of 18” (45.7 cm). The ball rails are typically at 21" (53 cm), while the cover has an overall height of 34.5” (87.5 cm).


*Under Development*

34.5” | 87.5 cm
18” | 45.7 cm
9.1’ | 2.78 m

Materials: Steel return rails; plastic mold-formed hood cover



Drawings include:
Bowling Ball Return top, side, front, side (bowler)

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Bowling is a recreational and competitive sport where players attempt to throw a bowling ball into as many pins as possible. First dated to ancient Egypt, bowling sets have been found in Egyptian tombs and graves. The most common type of bowling is 10 pin bowling which is the professional norm.