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A phone, cellular phone or smartphone, is an electronic device which uses electronic or radio signals for communication between two or more people with compatible equipment. Phones are must-haves in today’s world, and we primarily use them for quickly sharing audio, image, or data. They have also changed over time since the first functional telephone introduced by Bell. Today, the word phone typically refers to smartphones that were launched over a decade ago and are now ubiquitous. While all may perform the same function, the modern smartphone is more sophisticated than ever before and can perform some of the work once restricted to laptops and desktop computers. Smartphones now have sensors that can read metabolic activities, weather, and even GPS for navigation.

What do you do with old cell phones?

If you have an old cell phone you can repurpose it by modifying it, save it as an emergency phone or give it away to a friend. You can also donate it to charity, and if it is in very good condition you can try to sell it online. If your old cell phone is not in working condition you can recycle it.

When did cell phones come out?

The first cell phone in the world was launched in 1983. This was the Motorola DynaTAC 800x and was about 12 inches (30.48 cm) long. This cell phone was priced at $4,000 and had a talk time of 30 minutes before the battery died. Even though the cell phone was bulky by today’s standards it was considered the most portable telephone.

How do prepaid phones work?

Prepaid phones are able to provide the same service as phones under contract. They don’t require any no longer-term contracts or charge for an exceeded the monthly plan. Signing up is very convenient and prepaid phones can be found at most retailers. Major phone carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon offer prepaid phone plans.

Phones | Cell Phones