Wakeboarding is primarily a recreational water sport where individuals attempt to stay upright on a wakeboard while holding onto a tether that is pulled by a boat. Originally invented as an alternative to traditional surfing when waves were non-existent, wakeboarding quickly became a popular activity in the early 1990’s. Most wakeboarders wear a life vest and a helmet while wakeboarding, and hold onto a rope which provides security. The wakeboard itself is designed from fiberglass wrapped around a foam or wood core. During competitions, wakeboarding tricks include toe-side and hell-side edges, and surface 180’s.

How do you jump in wakeboarding?

After riding on a wakeboard and you start to approach a wake (small rippling wave), you want to prepare by bending your knees as if you were sitting in a chair, after that you want to start progressively turning into the wake and hit it with the front side of your wakeboard.

Who invented wakeboarding?

The wakeboard era began in 1985 when a San Diego surfer named Tony Finn invented the Skurfer, it was a hybrid between a water ski and a surfboard. Finn supported his Skurfer vigorously and was quite effective in raising awareness of the new sport among people. Now wakeboarding is a fast-growing water sport.

How many calories does wakeboarding burn?

Burning calories while wakeboarding varies from gender, weight, and duration. On average, a 130-lbs (59 kg) person would burn around 330 calories in an hour vs a 175-lbs (79 kg) person burns 500 calories an hour. Wakeboarding builds your core, arm and leg strength so participating in the watersport is a good workout.

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