Measured illustration of a Baseball dimensioned with overall diameter and circumference

A Baseball is the ball that is used to play the sport of Baseball and is easily recognizable by its signature red stitching. A Baseball has a sphere form and has a rubber or cork center wrapped in yarn. The Baseball’s core is covered by 2 white leather peanut shaped pieces that are stitched together by red thread. The stitching is an important element that influences the drag of the Baseball. A Baseball is small enough to be comfortably gripped with one hand. The different types of Baseballs are the hard Baseball, the rubber Baseball, and the soft Baseball. The appearance of the Baseball is regulated by Major League Baseball.

Series of drawings of Baseballs at assorted angles

Baseballs have a diameter between 2.86”-2.94” (7.3-7.5 cm) and circumference from 9”-9.25” (22.9-23.5 cm). The mass of a Baseball is between 5-5.25 oz (142-149 g).


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2.86”-2.94” | 7.3-7.5 cm (Diameter)
5-5.25 oz | 142-149 g

Circumference: 9”-9.25” | 22.9-23.5 cm

Materials: Cowhide cover; rubber-coated cork inner core; three layers of wool yarn; red cotton stitching
Surface: 108 raised stitches



Drawings include:
Baseball Elevations (various)

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Baseball is a competitive sport where two opposing teams take turns batting and fielding a ball with the goal to score the most runs by the end of the game. The game is played when the pitcher from the fielding team throws the baseball to a player on the batting team who tries to hit it with a bat.