Pool Lane Floor & Wall Details

Dimensioned plan drawing of the various pool markings used as guides in a swimming lane
Elevation drawing of the end wall of a swimming pool with dimensions for pool markings and touch panel


*Under Development*


Distance from Wall: 5’ | 1.5 m; or 6’5” | 2 m
End & Half Line Width: 3’ | 91 cm
Line Width: 12” | 30.5 cm
False Start Line Width: 1’8” | 50 cm

End Wall:
End Line Width: 1’8” | 50 cm
Touch Panel Width: 7’10” | 2.4 m
Touch Panel Height: 2’11” | 90 cm
Starting Block Height: 15.75” | 40 cm



Drawings include:
Pool Lane Details elevation (wall), plan (pool floor)


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Swimming sports are a collection of individual or team events where people compete by propelling their bodies through water in various ways. One of the most popular categories of Olympic sports, swimming races are based on specific styles with unique techniques and training routines.