Game Boy Advance (GBA)

Set of dimensioned elevation drawings of the Game Boy Advance (GBA) measured with height, width, and depth

The Game Boy Advance is 32-bit handheld gaming console developed by Nintendo. It is the successor to the Game Boy Color. The Game Boy Color was released in 2001 and is a sixth-generation gaming console. It originally did not have an illuminated screen, but Nintendo later incorporated it into the design. The Game Boy Advance offered portable entertainment with a classic design, had a headphone jack, used a pair of AA batteries. The Game Boy Advance was available in the colors Artic, Black, Orange, Fuchsia, Glacier, and Indigo. Later additional colors were released. The Game Boy Advance was discontinued in 2006.

The Game Boy Advance (GBA) has a height of 3.2” (82 mm), width of 5.7” (144 mm), depth of .96” (24.5 mm), and approximate weight of 4.94 oz (.14 kg). The display size of the Game Boy Advance (GBA) is 2.9” (74 mm) with a resolution of 240 x 160 px.


*Under Development*

3.2” | 82 mm
5.7” | 144 mm
.96” | 24.5 mm
Display Size:
2.9” | 74 mm
240 x 160 px
4.94 oz | .14 kg


Drawings include:
Game Boy Advance front elevation, top, side


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