Collection of drawings of the Wii U GamePad with height, width, depth and screen resolution dimensions

The Wii U GamePad is a single-touch LCD gamepad designed by Shigeru Miyamoto for Nintendo’s Wii U home video game console. Unlike the original prototype which resembled a cellphone and had circular pads, the revised gamepad features ideas from tablets such as touchscreen controls, upfront facing cameras, and dual analog sticks.

The gamepad touchscreen provides users an option to play games on the Gamepad screen or supplement a game by using a second screen. Besides, the gamepad can work with other controllers such as the Wii Balance Board and Wii Remote Plus. The Wii U Gamepad can also function as a remote control for television with the Nintendo TVii app, provide other content or even send handwritten messages.

The Wii U GamePad has a height of 5.3” (13.5 cm), width of 10.2” (25.9 cm), total depth of 1.98” (50.2 mm), and approximate weight of 17.3 oz (.49 kg).


*Under Development*

5.3” | 13.5 cm
10.2” | 25.9 cm
1.6” | 40.6 mm; 1.98” | 50.2 mm (Total)
17.3 oz | .49 kg

Display Size: 6.2” | 157.5 mm
Resolution: 854 x 480 px



Drawings include:
Wii U GamePad front elevation, top, side


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Video game controllers, also known as gamepads, are handheld input accessories used to interact with video game consoles. Consisting of sets of buttons, game controllers typically include a directional button, right buttons, shoulder bumpers, and central assistive buttons for controlling game menus.

Nintendo Switch
.547” | 13.9 mm; 1.13” | 28.7 mm (Total)
Wii U GamePad
1.6” | 40.6 mm; 1.98” | 50.2 mm (Total)