Lying Down - Male (Side)

Drawings of men lying down in multiple postures and positions

Collections of men lying down as viewed from the side elevation and drawn in detail or as silhouette outlines. Drawings include various positions of men lying on their back or lying on their side that may be useful for providing scale and proportion to drawings of bedrooms or other relaxed environments such as public outdoor parks or beaches.

Outline silhouettes of human men lying down in side profile in multiple poses


*Under Development*


Gender: Male
Poses: Back (straight), side (facing), side (back), back (reading), back (phone)
Clothing Style: Comfortable, relaxed



Drawings include:
Humans Lying Down - Male Side profile (detail), side (outline)

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Sleeping positions refer to the various natural postures that our bodies take on when sleeping. Linked to our unique individual personality types, our sleep patterns and positions are often indicators that can provide insights into a person’s comfort, character, health and psyche.

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