Various elevation drawings of Hyenas representing positions from the side, front, back, and laying down

Hyenas are cat-like carnivorous mammals that are essential scavengers within the African ecosystem. Living together in large communal groups (clans) of up to 80, hyenas are known for feeding on the remains leftover by other predators though they are also skilled hunters of wildebeest, antelope, snakes, birds, lizards, and insects.

The average Hyena has an overall height of 38.0” (97 cm), withers height of 29.5”-33.5” (75-85 cm), and body length of 47.0”-59.0” (120-150 cm). A typical Hyena weighs between 110-190 lb (50-86 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 25 years.


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38.0” | 97 cm
47.0”-59.0” | 120-150 cm
29.5”-33.5” | 75-85 cm
110-190 lb | 50-86 kg
Crocuta crocuta
25 years


Drawings include:
Hyena side profile, front, back, side (laying down)

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Viverridae is a family comprised of 38 species of small to medium sized carnivorous mammals with a long tail. Viverridae are typically nocturnal and often have bands, stripes, or spots adorning their bodies, retractable claws, and glands capable of producing a foul odor to ward off enemies.