Multiple illustrations of Thor engaged in battle with standing and flying poses

Thor, real name Thor Odinson, is the Asgardian god of thunder who wields the magical hammer, Mjolnir, in Marvel Comics. A founding member of the superhero team the Avengers, Thor possesses Asgardian traits of long-life and superhuman strength, speed and durability. Using Mjolnir, Thor gains the ability to fly, manipulate the weather, and can channel the power of electricity into the hammer. Thor was introduced by Marvel in Journey into Mystery #83 in August, 1962.

Height diagram comparing the height of Thor to Star-Lord and Hulk

Thor has a height of 6’3” (1.91 m) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and 6’6” (1.98 m) in the comics.

How tall is Thor?
Thor is 6’3” (1.91 m) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and roughly 6’6” (1.98 m) in the comic books.

What are Thor’s superpowers?
Thor possesses superhuman attributes gained by being a half-Asgardian and half-Elder God that include longevity, god-like strength, speed, and stamina, and wields the magical Mjolnir hammer that allows him to fly and manipulate the weather.
When was Thor’s first appearance in a Marvel Comic?
Thor first appeared in Marvel’s Journey into Mystery #83 in August, 1962.


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6’3” | 1.91 m

Name: Thor Odinson
Height: 6’3” | 1.91 m (MCU); 6’6” | 1.98 m (Comics)
First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (August, 1962)
Powers: Longevity; superhuman strength, speed, durability; wielding Mjolnir grants flight, control of electricity, manipulation of the weather

First Appearance:


Drawings include:
Thor standing (front), standing (side), walking (front), flying (attack)


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