The Pine Tree, Pinus, is an evergreen tree that tall grows tall with branches that have 4 types of leaves. The 4 types of leaves are Seed leaves, Juvenile leaves, Scale leaves, and Needles. The bark of the Pine Tree is thick and scaly, but some species of Pine Trees may have thin or flaky bark.

The Pine Tree is native to the temperate and subtropical regions of the world and thus is mostly found in the Northern Hemisphere regions of the world. The average lifespan of the Pine Tree is between 100 to 1,00 years or even more. The Pine Tree also produces pine cones that serve as food for many animals.


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Drawings include:
Pine Tree elevation (detail)

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Evergreen Trees are plants with leaves that always remain green throughout the duration of a year. Unlike deciduous trees that adapt for seasonal shifts by losing their foliage in the winter or dry seasons, evergreen trees never lose all of their leaves at a single regular moment.

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