Taekwondo Competition Area - Platform

Dimensioned plan drawing of a Taekwondo Competition Area Platform measured with length and width

The Platformed Taekwondo Competition Area is a professional sports structure consisting of a flat non-slip taekwondo mat installed on a lifted stage. Like standard competition areas, the platformed area can also be made with interlocking foam tiles, roll out mats, folding mats, landing mats made with EVA foam for soft landing and durability.

A Taekwondo contest area most often has a low reflection on the surface and should not tire spectators’ and contestants’ eyesight and color schemes matching the contestants’ equipment. The competition area is square-shaped and includes the contest area which is octagonally shaped or square-shaped and a safety area. The contestants are usually at two opposing points at the start of the match and a meter from the center point.

Drawing of a Taekwondo Competition Area Platform compared to other similar sports rings

Platformed Taekwondo Competition Areas are lifted to a height betwen 23.62”-39.37” (60-100 cm) and contain the regulated competition length and width of 26.25’ (8 m) for an area of 689 ft² (64 m²). The starting lines separating the two combatants are places 6.56’ (2 m) apart in the center of the competition area.


*Under Development*

23.62”-39.37” | 60-100 cm
26.25’ | 8 m (Contest)
26.25’ | 8 m (Contest)

Octagon Edges: 10.83’ | 3.3 m
Start Position Separation: 6.56’ | 2 m
Overall Width: 32.8’-39.37’ | 10-12 m
Overall Width (Platform): 48.1’ | 14.66 m
Total Competition Area: 1076-1550 ft² | 100-144 m²
Total Area (Platform): 1951-2574 ft² | 181.3-239.1 m²
Surface Materials: Polyurethane or rubber foam; shock resistant platform frame



Drawings include:
Taekwondo Competition Area (Platform) plan, side elevation (combatants)


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Taekwondo is a sport of Korean martial arts requiring dynamic defensive movements through punches and high kicks with ones fists and feet. Taekwondo originated in Korea as a defense training called “subak” or “Taekkyon,” and was imperative in training the future leaders of the ancient Korean empire.