Tim Duncan

Collection of drawings of Tim Duncan measured with overall height

Tim Duncan is now an assistant basketball coach for the San Antonio Spurs. He played both the power forward and center positions for the Spurs, becoming a fifteen-time NBA All-Star, two-time NBA MVP, five-time NBA Champion, and three-time NBA Finals MVP besides other many defensive accolades. Tim was often relaxed and focussed during play, plus possessing an easy-going and simple personality showing consistency and with the most career double-doubles in the league. Tim is among the few extraordinary power forwards in NBA History. Besides basketball, he is also a good swimmer and operates the Tim Duncan Foundation for raising health awareness and supporting youth education.

Outline silhoutte drawings of Tim Duncan in various basketball positions

Tim Duncan played the power forward and center positions at a height of 6’11" (2.11 m).

How tall is Tim Duncan?
Tim Duncan is 6 foot 11 inches (2.11 m) tall.


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6’11" | 2.11 m

Positions: Power forward, center

Years Active: 1997-2016

April 25, 1976


Drawings include:
Tim Duncan standing, shooting, dribbling

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Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players score points by shooting (throwing) a ball through an elevated hoop located on either side of the rectangular court. To advance the ball down the court, players must bounce the ball (dribble) or pass it to a teammate.