Wilt Chamberlain

Collection of drawings of Wilt Chamberlain measured with overall height

Wilt Chamberlain is now an American entrepreneur, writer, and actor who loved challenges. After ending his professional basketball career, he played volleyball and also a role in the movie “Conan the Destroyer.” He played the center position and is highly respected in NBA history, holding the record for bagging a hundred points in a single NBA game. Wilt played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors, and also LA Lakers, winning two NBA Championship, one NBA Finals MVP award, four NBA MVP honorees, thirteen NBA All-Star award, and seven All NBA First Team honorees. Wilt’s name is imprinted in the famous Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Outline silhoutte drawings of Wilt Chamberlain in various basketball positions

Wilt Chamberlain played the center position at a height of 7’1" (2.16 m).

How tall is Wilt Chamberlain?
Wilt Chamberlain is 7 foot 1 inch (2.16 m) tall.


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7’1" | 2.16 m

Positions: Center

Years Active: 1958–1973

August 21, 1936


Drawings include:
Wilt Chamberlain standing, shooting, dribbling

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Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players score points by shooting (throwing) a ball through an elevated hoop located on either side of the rectangular court. To advance the ball down the court, players must bounce the ball (dribble) or pass it to a teammate.