Twitter App Card - Image

A Twitter Image App Card allows users to download a specific app through an app store or opens to the app if its already installed in their mobile device. Twitter Image App Card engage audiences by preview the app through a single static image representing their branding or product.

Twitter Image App Card have a landscape size of 418 px tall by 800 px wide (1.91:1) or a square size of 800 px by 800 px (1:1). Twitter Image App Cards support JPG and PNG formats with a maximum file size of 3 MB. App cards have a limit of 280 characters, or 257 characters if a link is included. Website titles can be up to 70 characters.


*Under Development*

418 px (landscape); 800 px (square)
800 px
Aspect Ratio:
1.91:1 (landscape); 1:1 (square)
72 ppi (recommended)

Formats: JPG, PNG
Tweet Text: 280 characters; 257 characters (if link included)

Website Title: 70 characters

Print Sizes: 11.11” x 5.8” | 282.2 x 147.5 mm (landscape); 11.11” x 11.11” | 282.2 x 282.2 mm (square)

File Size:
3 MB (max)


Drawings include:
Twitter App Card (Image) interface mockup

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Twitter is an online social networking and news platform that allows users to Tweet text, image, and video-based messages and posts of up to 280 characters. Launched in 2006, Twitter is a global service that continues to inform people of various world events and comments as they happen in real time.