African Elephant

Illustrations of an African Elephant standing from the side, front, and back and laying down

Elephants are the largest land mammals on Earth. These herbivorous animals are identified by their unique features such as their long trunks for breathing, gathering water, and grabbing objects, ivory tusks used as weapons and tools for foraging, and large ears that flap to control body temperature. Elephants tend to stay near bodies of water and various species have adapted to savannahs, forests, deserts and marsh environments. Though elephants are listed as both vulnerable and endangered today, when protected in the wild they can live up to 70 years.

The typical African Elephant has an overall height of 8’3”-13’ (2.5-4 m) and body length of 10’-16’6” (3-5 m). An average African Elephant weighs between 5,500-15,400 lb (2,500-7,000 kg) and has a typical lifespan of 70 years.


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8’3”-13’ | 2.5-4 m
10’-16’6” | 3-5 m
5,500-15,400 lb | 2,500-7,000 kg
70 years


Drawings include:
Elephant side (standing), front, back, side (laying down)


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