Apple iPad (5th Gen) - 2017

Dimensioned drawings of the Apple iPad (5th Gen) with height, width, and depth labeled in elevation

The Apple iPad (5th Gen) was the least expensive tablet computer in the iPad family, hence it was marketed towards businesses and to those in the educational sector that needed cheaper tablets for use. The Apple iPad (5th Gen) functioned on Apple's mobile operating system iOS 10 and had a Touch ID finger screen sensor for various actions like unlocking the device or making purchases from Apple's online services.

The Apple iPad (5th Gen) has height of 9.4” (240 mm), width of 6.67” (169.5 mm), depth of .3” (7.5 mm), and weighs 1.05 lb (.48 kg). The screen size is 9.7” (246.4 mm) diagonal with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 px at 264 ppi.


*Under Development*

9.4” | 240 mm
6.67” | 169.5 mm
.3” | 7.5 mm
Display Size:
9.7” | 246.4 mm
2048 x 1536 px; 264 ppi
1.05 lb | .48 kg
32, 128 GB
Release Date:
March 24, 2017


Drawings include:
Apple iPad (5th Gen) front elevation, back, side

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The Apple iPad is a line of touchscreen tablet computers designed by Apple Inc since 2010. Functioning on iOS, the iPad satisfies the technology gap between the markets of a typical laptop and a smartphone. The Apple iPad is often used for productivity, graphics, video-editing and e-reading.