Apple iPhone 12 (14th Gen)

Collection of elevation drawings of the Apple iPhone 12 with measured dimensions and resolution

The Apple iPhone 12 was revealed at the Apple Special Event on October 13, 2020. It is part of the 14th generation of iPhones and features the first major redesign since the iPhone X. The Apple iPhone 12 features 5G speeds and has the A14 bionic chip, the fastest chip in a phone. It also has an OLED display with a Ceramic Shield that provides improved drop performance. All of the Apple iPhone 12’s cameras have a Night Mode option and include creative effects such as high-key light mono, natural light, and studio light. The Apple iPhone 12 is available in 5 different finishes.

The Apple iPhone 12 (14th Gen) has height of 5.78” (146.7 mm), width of 2.82” (71.5 mm), depth of .29” (7.4 mm), and weighs 5.78 oz (164 g). The Super Retina XDR screen size is 6.1” (154 mm) diagonal with a resolution of 2532 x 1170 px at 460 ppi.


*Under Development*

5.78” | 146.7 mm
2.82” | 71.5 mm
.29” | 7.4 mm
Display Size:
6.1” | 154 mm
2532 x 1170 px; 460 ppi
5.78 oz | 164 g
64, 128, 256 GB
October 23, 2020


Drawings include:
Apple iPhone 12 (14th Gen) front elevation, back, sides, top, bottom

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Apple iPhones are a product line of smartphones built around a multi-touch user interface. Introduced in 2007 by Apple Inc, the iPhone has been through eleven generations of hardware model updates, along with twelve versions of the iOS operating system.