Boxing Ropes

Dimensioned elevation drawing of a boxing ring measuring the overall width and height of a standard ring

Boxing ropes are the perimeter guides and boundaries that gave shape to the competitive space of a boxing ring used for the sport of boxing. Attached to the four posts located at each corner of the boxing ring platform, the boxing rope border is made up of four individual parallel ropes pulled in tension from each turnbuckle. Additional rope spacers are distributed evenly around each side of the ring to prevent the ropes from slacking or spreading further apart if the tension lessens. Boxing ropes are commonly made with steel cables wrapped in soft padding and an outer vinyl sleeve that is available in a variety of colors and styles depending on the venue.

Boxing ring platforms are elevated 39.375” (100 cm) above the floor. The total height of the boxing ropes above the ring floor is 52.0” (132.1 cm) leading to an overall boxing ring height of 7’ 7.375” (232.1 cm). The bottom rope is spaced 16.0” (40.6 cm) from the ring floor with the other ropes spaced evenly at 12.0” (30.5 cm) from each other. Rope thicknesses range from 1”-1.625” (2.5-4 cm).


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Height (Overall): 7’ 7.375” | 232.1 cm
Height (Platform): 39.375” | 100 cm
Height (Ropes to Ring Floor): 52.0” | 132.1 cm

Rope Spacing (Bottom): 16.0” | 40.6 cm
Rope Spacing: 12.0” | 30.5 cm
Rope Thickness:
1”-1.625” | 2.5-4 cm



Drawings include:
Boxing Ropes side elevation, side (boxers)

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