Common Bottlenose Dolphin

Collection of illustrations of the Common Bottlenose Dolphin drawn from the top, front and jumping positions

Common Bottlenose Dolphins are long-beaked dolphins and are also one of the most well-known water mammals on the planet. Their popular exposure in marine parks and high-trafficked beaches have contributed to their global presence. Bottlenose Dolphins can swim at an average of 15 mph (24km/h) and dive for 20 minutes but commonly hit the surface every 3 minutes. Common bottlenose dolphins hunt eels, squid, and fish and they swallow their food whole. Keeping a healthy diet, these dolphins can live up to 50 years.

The typical Bottlenose Dolphin has an overall height of 2’1”-2’11” (64-89 cm) and body length of 10’-14’ (310-430 cm). An average Bottlenose Dolphin weighs between 300-1,400 lb (136-625 kg) and has a typical lifespan of 20-30 years.


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2’1”-2’11” | 64-89 cm
10’-14’ | 3.1-4.3 m
300-1,400 lb | 136-625 kg
Scientific Name:
Tursiops truncatus
20-30 years


Drawings include:
Common Bottlenose Dolphin side elevation, front, top, jumping

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Dolphins are small toothed aquatic mammals with superb hearing that live in saltwater and freshwater environments. Dolphins communicate with many different vocalizations, such as clicks and whistles, have advanced hearing that works underwater or above water, and can track prey using echolocation.