Multiple drawings of a dairy cow illustrated from the side standing, front, and laying down

Dairy cows are a type of cattle cow bred specifically for the production of greater quantities of milk used to make a range of common dairy products from cheeses, to yogurts, butters, ice cream, and sour cream. Increasingly specialized from beef cattle, dairy cows are raised in herds on dairy farms where they will spend between 2-4 years producing milk before being marketed for beef. Cattle are farmed for a variety of human products that include milk and beef, but also include leathers, fats, gelatins, and medicinal bi-products.

Knickers is an oversized Holstein steer in Western Australia that gained internet fame for its impressive size. Standing at 6’4” (1.93 m) and weighing an estimated 2,800 pounds (1,270 kg), Knickers’ size is emphasized by his proximity to surrounding Wagyu cattle that average 4.5’ (1.37 m) tall.

The average Dairy Cow has an overall height of 62.0"-69.0" (1.6-1.8 m), withers height of 54.0"-60.0" (1.37-1.5 m), and body length of 92.0"-103.0" (2.3-2.6 m). A typical Dairy Cow weighs between 1,400-2,000 lb (635-907 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 4-5 years (farm); 20 (natural).

Illustration comparing Knickers the Cow to Wagyu Cattle and farmer


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62.0"-69.0" | 1.6-1.8 m
92.0"-103.0" | 2.3-2.6 m
Withers Height:
54.0"-60.0" | 1.37-1.5 m
1,400-2,000 lb | 635-907 kg

Uses: Milk, meat (beef), leather, gelatin, medical products

Bos taurus
4-5 years (farm); 20 (natural)


Drawings include:
Diary Cow standing side elevation, side (male farmer), front, side (laying down)


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