Dreamcast Controller

Collection of drawings of the Dreamcast Controller with height, width, and depth dimensions

The Dreamcast Controller is a control pad made for the Sega Dreamcast video console and released in 1998, having support for every Dreamcast game. The Dreamcast controller spots two “expansion socket” at its tops, a sensitive thumb pad, and larger design, which made it receive lots of criticism for being uncomfortable in larger hands.

In addition, the Dreamcast controller lacked a second thumb pad and a vibration feature that was available in most standard game controllers. Many of its features were incremental ideas from Sega hardware and Saturn’s 3D control pad and came in a standard white color.

The Dreamcast Controller has a height of 6” (152 mm), width of 5.8” (147 mm), depth of 3.4” (86 mm), and approximate weight of 10.6 oz (.3 kg).


*Under Development*

6” | 152 mm
5.8” | 147 mm
3.4” | 86 mm
10.6 oz | .3 kg


Drawings include:
Dreamcast Controller front elevation, top, side

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