Set of dimensioned elevation drawings of the Wii Remote measured with height, width, and depth

The Wii Remote is a video game controller or motion controller for Nintendo’s Wii home video game console. It was released into the market at the Tokyo games show in 2005 as the successor of the Wii Remote Plus. It derived its attention from its unique features such as the motion-sensing capabilities, optical sensor technology, and use of an accelerometer.

The Wii Remote is the seventh and eighth generation controller and is expandable through the addition of various attachments. The Wii Remote is connected to the video game console via Bluetooth or an accessory connector port. It also comes with other accessories such as jackets and straps to offer a better grip of the remote.

The Wii Remote has a height of 6.3” (160 mm), width of 1.43” (36.2 mm), depth of 1.21” (30.8 mm), and approximate weight of 3.2 oz (.09 kg).


*Under Development*

6.3” | 160 mm
1.43” | 36.2 mm
1.21” | 30.8 mm
3.2 oz | .09 kg


Drawings include:
Wii Remote front elevation, , back, top, side

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Video game controllers, also known as gamepads, are handheld input accessories used to interact with video game consoles. Consisting of sets of buttons, game controllers typically include a directional button, right buttons, shoulder bumpers, and central assistive buttons for controlling game menus.