Sega Genesis Controller - 3 Button

Dimensioned drawings of the Sega Genesis 3 Button Controller with estimated height, width, and depth labeled in elevation

The Sega Genesis Controller 3 Button is the official control pad made for Sega Mega Drive and released in 1988 for the Japanese market and 1989 for the North American market. It spots three control buttons on the left and D-pad on the right side.

The control pad evolved from the Master System control pad, replacing the numbers on the buttons with letters and including an extra two face buttons. The Sega Genesis Controller 3 Button was the first ergonomically designed control pad for the user’s hands, having a rounded structure and buttons placed in more comfortable to reach positions and in alphabetical order.

The Sega Genesis 3 Button Controller has an estimated height of 3.86” (98 mm), estimated width of 6.5” (165 mm), estimated depth of 1.6” (40.6 mm), and approximate weight of 5.6 oz (.16 kg).


*Under Development*

3.86” | 98 mm (Estimated)
6.5” | 165 mm (Estimated)
1.6” | 40.6 mm (Estimated)
5.6 oz | .16 kg (Estimated)


Drawings include:
Sega Genesis 3 Button Controller front elevation, top, side

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Video game controllers, also known as gamepads, are handheld input accessories used to interact with video game consoles. Consisting of sets of buttons, game controllers typically include a directional button, right buttons, shoulder bumpers, and central assistive buttons for controlling game menus.

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