Nintendo 64 Controller

Set of dimensioned elevation drawings of the Nintendo 64 Controller measured with height, width, and depth

The Nintendo 64 Controller is the fifth generation gamepad manufactured by Nintendo featuring an M shape with directional pads, control sticks, and ten buttons. The gamepad is the predecessor of the GameCube controller, designed for the Nintendo 64 home video game console, and released in 1996.

The M shape design enables users to hold the controller in three different positions: two outer grips that promote the use of the D-pad, center and right-hand grip promoting the use of the single control stick, and, at the center and left-hand grip. The Nintendo 64 controller became the first game controller to use the analog stick technology and also available in unique colors and variants such as the LodgeNet variant released for various hotel game-playing services.

The Nintendo 64 Controller has a height of 6.01” (152.6 mm), width of 6.3” (160 mm), depth of 2.625” (66.7 mm), and approximate weight of 10.6 oz (.3 kg).


*Under Development*

6.01” | 152.6 mm
6.3” | 160 mm
2.625” | 66.7 mm
10.6 oz | .3 kg


Drawings include:
Nintendo 64 Controller front elevation, top, side

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Video game controllers, also known as gamepads, are handheld input accessories used to interact with video game consoles. Consisting of sets of buttons, game controllers typically include a directional button, right buttons, shoulder bumpers, and central assistive buttons for controlling game menus.