Sitting - Children (Back)

Drawing of a group of boys sitting in a row in back elevation

Assortment of boys and girls sitting as seen from the back profile. Children are always moving between various sitting positions at home or at school as they play and learn. Naturally taking on postures that are comfortable to their bodies, children most commonly sit in positions that include: Criss-cross applesauce (legs crossed), legs in front, legs to the side, on their knees, or W position. W Sitting, when a child sits on their butt with their knees bent and feet angled outward, is known to put your child at risk for injuries and limited core strength and flexibility and should be corrected whenever possible.

Group of girls illustrated sitting together from back elevation

Is sitting on the ground bad for you?
Sitting on the ground has many benefits that include improved posture, greater back strength and flexibility, and has been long correlated to increased lifespans.
What is the W sitting position?
The W sitting position is when a child sits on their butt with both knees bent and legs turned away from their body—making the shape of a W. The W position should recognized and corrected as there are risks with stunting the growth of a child’s hip and leg muscles while also limiting their ability to rotate and stretch safely.
Why do children sit in W position?
Children often sit in the W position because it is a naturally comfortable posture that is easier than sitting criss-cross applesauce (cross-legged) or on their knees. The W position should be corrected whenever possible as it does not help the students naturally learn proper coordination, balance, and motor skills.


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Sitting Style: Criss-Cross Applesauce, legs behind, legs to side
Attire: Casual/School
Ages: 4-6



Drawings include:
Children | Kids Sitting Back elevation, back (silhouette)

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Sitting is one of the basic resting positions for humans where the weight of the body is supported by the ground or other horizontal surface such as a chair. Sitting most commonly occurs on the floor or on a raised seat in the form of a chair, stool, bench or similar.

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