Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Set of drawings of women performing the Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose, or Tadasana in Sanskrit, is a beginner standing posture commonly used multiple times within yoga practice. Mountain Pose is known as a foundational posture and the basis of all other Yoga poses. Mountain Pose helps with posture, alignment, increases circulation, relieves pain throughout the body, and can help alleviate sciatica. Energetically, Mountain Pose can make a Yogi feel strong and create a balanced mind.

Drawings of people performing the Mountain Pose represented in outline silhouettes

To do Mountain Pose, stand on two feet, put a slight bend in the knees, tuck the tail bone, roll the shoulders back and into alignment, and slightly tuck the chin while the hands lay alongside the length the body. In Mountain Pose, ground through the feet and allow the energy to run through the body through the crown of the skull, grounding through the 4 corners of the feet into the earth.


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Benefits (Physical): Strengthens things, knees, ankles, abs, buttocks
Benefits (Core): Posture, balance, focus
Modifications: Can be practiced with back against wall
Variations: Turn palms forward to open chest and shoulders, place palms together in prayer at chest for center and balance, can stand with feet hip-distance apart if difficulty with together

Sanskrit Name:

Drawings include:
Mountain Pose elevations (men & women), outline silhouettes

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