Galley Two Row - Two Unit Laundry Room Layout

Plan and elevation drawings of a Two Row Galley laundry room with Two Units measuring widths, heights, and depths


*Under Development*


Width: 8’ | 2.4 m
Depth: 5’ | 1.5 m
Height: 8’ | 2.4 m
Work Zone Width: 36” | 91 cm
Counter Height: 42” | 107 cm
Counter Depth: 24” | 61 cm
Cabinet Height: 24” | 61 cm
Area: 40 ft2 | 3.7 m2



Drawings include:
Galley Two Row - Two Unit Laundry Room plan, elevation

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Laundry rooms are utility rooms designed specifically for washing clothing. Providing adequate space for laundry machines and additional ancillary spaces for laundry storage and organization, laundry rooms may also include a sink, ironing board, cabinets, and countertops for folding clean clothing.