Standing - 6 Year Olds (Front)

Illustration of assorted 6 year old kids drawn in front elevation

Collection of assorted 6 year old boys and girls in front elevation with various casual standing postures and clothing. Helpful for understanding the height of 6 year old children when designing spaces such as learning environments, classrooms, and play areas for kids, these scaled drawings are useful when drawing architectural elevations and sections.

6 year old children have average heights between 44"-47” (111.7-119.4 cm). Outline silhouettes and detailed drawings available.


*Under Development*


Height (Average): 3’8”-3’11” | 1.19-1.12 m
Style: Casual
Age: 6

Clothing Style:


Drawings include:
6 Year Old Children Standing front elevation (detail), front (outline)

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Standing is an upright human posture in which the body is supported only by the feet. Often misunderstood as a static position, standing is actually a form of dynamic balance where the center of the body is supported by rocking on the front of the ankle. Standing requires a high degree of control.

Young Adults Holding Hands - Men - Side
5’9” | 1.75 m (average)