Manta Ray

Collection of illustrations of Manta Rays seen from the top, side, bottom and front views

The Manta ray, also known as the devil ray, is characterized by its flat and wide body with large pectoral fins that are reminiscent of wings. The ‘devil ray’ name comes from extensions of the pectoral fins that resemble devil horns and protrude from the front of its head on either side of its mouth. The manta ray is found in warm waters where it swims near the surface with wing-like movements, feeding on plankton and small fishes swept into its mouth via its cephalic fins (the devil horns).

Manta Rays have an overall length between 15’-23’ (4.6-7 m) and a width of 15’-23’ (4.6-7 m). An average Manta Ray weighs between 5,300-6,600 lb (2,400-3,000 kg) and has a typical lifespan of 18-20 years.


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15’-23’ | 4.6-7 m
15’-23’ | 4.6-7 m
5,300-6,600 lb | 2,400-3,000 kg
Scientific Name:
Manta birostris
18-20 years


Drawings include:
Manta Ray top, side, front, bottom, swimming

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Batoidea, or rays, are the largest group of fish whose bodies are made out of cartilage instead of bones, similar to their relatives the shark. Rays are easily identifiable by their flat bodies with elongated fins attached to their heads, and gills placed on their underbellies.