Megamouth Shark

Set of scaled elevation drawings of the Megamouth Shark

The Megamouth Shark (Megachasma Pelagios) is a deep-water shark that is distinguished by its large head and mouth with rubber-like lips. It is the smallest of the filter-feeding sharks, following the Whale Shark and Basking Shark. Megamouth sharks are not typically seen as they live anywhere between the water surface and the deep-sea floor.

They live the in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans and have been mostly found in Japan, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Megamouth sharks generally eat plankton, shrimp, copepods, pelagic jellyfish. Their life expectancy is not known, but it is believed their age can be determined by counting the growth rings on their vertebrae.

Collection of scaled drawings of Megamouth Shark in various poses

Megamouth Sharks have a total length between 13’-18’ (4-5.5 m) and an overall weight in the range of 2000-2700 lb (907-1225 kg). The lifespan of the rare Megamouth Shark is still unknown.


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13’-18’ | 4-5.5 m
2000-2700 lb | 907-1225 kg
Scientific Name:
Megachasma pelagios


Drawings include:

Megamouth Shark side elevation, side (perspective), front, top

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Sharks are one of the oldest species on earth having outlived the dinosaurs with fossil records dating them back 400 million years. In their ecosystems, the carnivorous shark is usually the top of their food chain, but are being threatened by human activities and hunting.