Professional Wrestling Ring

Dimensioned plan drawing of a Professional Wrestling Ring measured with length and width

The Professional Wrestling Ring is a sports construction used by professional wrestlers for a variety of wrestling match types. A wrestling ring construction consists primarily of a wood and plank stage that is covered by canvas mat and foam padding or shock-absorbing material, and high steel beam.

There are ring ropes around the ring held up by turnbuckles and not tethered together. The traditional professional wrestling ring is four-sided, but there are also six-sided rings with opponents standing on either end of the ring or in the middle while striking or grappling. Professional wrestling rings are mainly for indoor wrestling events, but there are also those portable once used outdoors.

Drawing of a Professional Wrestling Ring compared to other similar sports rings

Professional Wrestling Rings have a length and width inside the ropes of 20’ (6.1 m) for a total area of 400 ft² (37.2 m²). The ring has an outer apron of 1’ (30.5 cm) and mat height of 40” (101.6 cm). The height of the top rope of a Pro Wrestling Ring is 8' (243.8 cm) and the ropes are spaced 18" (45.7 cm) apart.


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8’ | 243.8 cm (Top Rope)
20’ | 6.1 m
20’ | 6.1 m

Mat Height: 40” | 101.6 cm
Rope Spacing: 18” | 45.7 cm
Rope Thickness: 1”-1.5” | 2.5-3.8 cm
Post Diameter: 6” | 15.2 cm
Ring Apron Width: 1’ | 30.5 cm
Overall Area: 484 ft² | 45 m²
Surface Materials: Wood plank structure; foam padding; canvas cover; fiber rope with tape wrap or steel cable with rubber case; padded turnbuckles



Drawings include:
Professional Wrestling Ring plan, side elevation (wrestlers)


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Professional Wrestling is a specialized and theatrical version of traditional wrestling. Beginning as a performance and side show event in carnivals and vaudeville halls, professional wrestling is a billion dollar industry today. As a performance art, most matches are often scripted for drama.