Square Table Sizes

Plan drawing of people sitting at multiple Square Tables of different sizes and capacities

Square Dining Tables are popular and efficient tables that range in size from two to twelve person seating options. Able to be combined side by side as larger rectangular seating layouts, square tables are common in restaurants and cafes with layouts that need to be adjusted often to meet the demands of various party sizes.

Dimensioned drawings of size variations of different Square Tables with measurements for table widths and people

Small square tables for two start at widths of 2’6” (76 cm) up to sizes for four to six people at widths of 4’-5’ (122-152 cm). Large square tables for groups of 8-12 people start at widths of 6’ (183 cm) and grow up to 8’ (244 cm).

What sizes do square tables come in?
Squares tables are popular table designs that come in a variety of sizes from two person tables from 2’6” | 76 cm, to large 8-12 person tables with widths between 6’-8’ | 183-244 cm.
What big is a square table that seats 4 people?
Square tables for four people range in overall widths between minimal sizes of 3’ | 91 cm up to more comfortable widths of 5’ | 152 cm.
What big is a square table that seats 8 people?
Square tables for eight people vary in overall widths from 6’ | 183 cm up to larger 8’ | 244 cm tables for 8-12 people.


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2 Person Table: 2’6” | 76 cm
4 Person Table: 3’ | 91 cm
4-6 Person Table: 4’ | 122 cm
4-6 Person Table: 5’ | 152 cm
8-10 Person Table: 6’ | 183 cm
8-12 Person Table: 8’ | 244 cm



Drawings include:
Square Table Sizes plan, plan (seating), plan (people), size diagram

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