Atlantic Blue Marlin

Set of scaled elevation drawings of the Atlantic Blue Marlin viewed from the front and side

The Atlantic Blue Marlin (Makaira nigricans) is a large ocean fish that populates the warm and tropical waters worldwide. They belong to the family Istiophoridae and are fast swimmers with females being larger than males. They are highly recognized by their striking beauty, lethal, spear-shaped upper jaw, and pronounced dorsal fins.

The bill of the Atlantic Blue Marlin is also round and pointed, which separated them from other similar looking fish. The Blue Marlin loves the deep open ocean and migrates to follow the warm ocean currents. They are loved by sports fishermen because of their fighting spirit when caught and have also featured in the commonwealth of the Bahamas coat of arms.

Atlantic Blue Marlins have a total length between 5.5’-14’ (1.7-4.3 m), body height of 10”-23” (25.4-58.4 cm), and an overall weight in the range of 200-1800 lb (90-816 kg). The typical lifespan of the Atlantic Blue Marlin is 20-30 years.


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10”-23” | 25.4-58.4 cm
5.5’-14’ | 1.7-4.3 m
200-1800 lb | 90-816 kg
Scientific Name:
Makaira nigricans
20-30 years


Drawings include:

Atlantic Blue Marlin side elevation, front

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