Collection of Rottweiler drawings standing, sitting, and laying down illustrated from the front and side

Considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds, the German Rottweiler was traditionally kept as a herding dog for driving cattle and protecting humans. Medium to large in build with compact and powerful bodies, Rottweilers are good natured, devoted, obedient and committed to work. Because of their alert dispositions and their physical proportions allowing for great strength, agility and endurance, Rottweilers are now commonly used for search, guard, and police dogs.

The average Rottweiler has an overall height of 30.5"-34.0" (77-86 cm), withers height of 23.5"-26.0" (60-66 cm), and body length of 38.5"-42.0" (98-107 cm). A typical Rottweiler weighs between 90-120 lb (42-55 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 8-10 years.

How big is a Rottweiler?
Rottweilers have standing heights of roughly 34” | 86 cm with males having a withers (shoulder) height of 25.5"-26" | 65-66 cm and females with a withers height of 23.5"-24" | 60-61 cm. Males weigh between 121 lb | 55 kg while females weigh from 92 lb | 42 kg.
How long does a Rottweiler live?
Rottweilers have an average life expectancy of 8-10 years.
What is the temperament of a Rottweiler?
Rottweilers are good natured, devoted, obedient and committed to work which makes them a great breed of working dog for search, guard, and police assistance.


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30.5"-34.0" | 77-86 cm
38.5"-42.0" | 98-107 cm
Withers Height:
23.5"-26.0" | 60-66 cm
90-120 lb | 42-55 kg

Height (Withers):
25.5"-26.0" | 65-66 cm
Height (Standing): 
34.0" | 86 cm
42.0" | 107 cm
120 lb | 55 kg

Height (Withers):
23.5"-24.0" | 60-61 cm
Height (Standing): 
30.5" | 77 cm
38.5" | 98 cm
90 lb | 42 kg

Color: Black with defined rich tan markings
Coat: Double-coat, short, hard, thick
Companion, service, working

Breed Size:
8-10 years


Drawings include:
Rottweiler side elevation (standing), front (standing), front (sitting), side (sitting), side (laying down)

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Dogs are domesticated mammals of the Carnivora order. Descendants of wolves, dogs are the first animals to have been domesticated by humans. Dogs are bred for particular physical and emotional characteristics and are often referred to as ‘man’s best friend’ referring to their high degree of loyalty.

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