Gentoo Penguin

Series of elevation drawings of the Gentoo Penguin in an assortment of postures from the front, back, and side views

The Gentoo penguin, sometimes known as the Johnny penguin, is characterized by the large trumpeting call that it makes with its head thrown back. Other distinguishing factors include the wide white stripe that extends over the top of the penguins’ head, and its bright orange-red bill. Gentoo penguins have the most prominent tails of all penguin species. The species is most closely related to the Adélie penguin and the Chinstrap penguin. They are the third largest penguin species, and the fastest underwater swimmers of all penguin species, reaching speeds of 22 miles per hour.

The Gentoo Penguin has an average height range of 20”-35” (51-90 cm), weight of 11-19 lb (4.9-8.5 kg), and typical lifespan of 15-20 years.


*Under Development*

20”-35” | 51-90 cm
11-19 lb | 4.9-8.5 kg
Scientific Name:
Pygoscelis papua
15-20 years


Drawings include:
Gentoo Penguin standing (side), looking (side), standing (back), walking (side), standing (front), standing (winter woman)

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Penguins are a species of flightless aquatic birds that live south of the equator with the exception of one species that lives on Galapagos Island. Having adapted for water instead of air, the penguin’s wings have evolved from wings to flippers; useful for propelling the penguin through the water.