Jahangir Khan

Collection of drawings of Jahangir Khan measured with overall height

Many consider Jahangir Khan, a Pakistan national, the best and greatest squash player alive and in the sport’s history. This is because the former professional squash player was once number one in the sport and a six-time World Open Champion and ten-time British Open Champion. He has served as World Squash Federation’s president for six years upon retirement and later moved to be World Squash Federation’s Emeritus President in 2008. He also possesses other honors and awards like being the youngest winner of the World Open, recipient of the 8th Asian Award, and an image of himself on Pakistan’s issued postage stamp.

Outline silhouette drawings of Jahangir Khan in assorted squash poses

Jahangir Khan has a height of 5’6.5” (1.69 m).

How tall is Jahangir Khan?
Jahangir Khan is 5 foot 6 1/2 inches (1.69 m) tall.


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5’6.5” | 1.69 m

Nationality: Pakistan

Years Active: 1981-1993

December 10, 1963


Drawings include:
Jahangir Khan standing, swinging, stance

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Squash is a racket sport where two players rally against a wall and attempt to serve a ball fast enough so their opponent cannot return the ball. In each game, one player serves a rubber ball against a wall, and attempts to serve it fast enough to where it bounces twice before being returned.