Squash Court - Singles

Dimensioned plan drawing of a Singles Squash Court measured with length, width and court markings

A Singles Squash Court is the standard four-walled indoor or outdoor room regulated for the game of Squash. On the floor, a squash court has a left hand and right hand service box for serving, which are both behind the short line that players must return the ball to. The front wall is marked with two lines; a tin line just above the floor, and a cut line above the tin line. The side walls typically taper down from the front wall to the back wall, with the back or rear wall being the shortest.

Group of scaled illustrations of various sports courts compared to the Singles Squash Court

Singles Squash Courts have an overall length of 32’ (9.75 m) and width of 21’ (6.4 m) for a total area of 672 ft² (62.4 m²). The front wall of a Singles Squash Court must meet a minimal clear height of 18.5’ (5.64 m) with the front line wall at 15’ (4.57 m), the service line at 5.84’ (1.78 m
), and the tin line at 19” (48 cm). The back wall line has a height of 7’ (213.4 cm). The surface of a Singles Squash Court is marked with a short line 17.85’ (5.44 m) from the front wall and service boxes at 63” x 63” (160 x 160 cm).


*Under Development*

18.5’ | 5.64 m (Clear)
21’ | 6.4 m
32’ | 9.75 m

Front Wall Line: 15’ | 4.57 m
Back Wall Line: 7’ | 2.13 m
Side Wall Line: From Front to Back Wall Lines
Service Line: 5.84’ | 1.78 m
Tin Line: 19” | 48 cm
Short Line: 17.85’ | 5.44 m
Service Box: 63” x 63” | 160 x 160 cm
Court Markings: 1”-2” | 25-50 mm
Surface Materials: Finished and treated wood; glass entry optional



Drawings include:
Squash Court (Singles) plan, front, side, side (players)


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Squash is a racket sport where two players rally against a wall and attempt to serve a ball fast enough so their opponent cannot return the ball. In each game, one player serves a rubber ball against a wall, and attempts to serve it fast enough to where it bounces twice before being returned.