Table Tennis Clearances

Illustration of various required side and end clearances and room sizes required for Table Tennis | Ping Pong

Table Tennis | Ping Pong tables require varying minimum additional amounts of clearance space around the table depending on the play style and venue. Ranging from minimum casual clearances to recreational, local, national, and international settings, table tennis clearances are established to avoid distractions and obstacles and to accommodate player movement. Minimum clearances for table tennis tables are set at an additional 5’ | 1.53 m from the end, 3’ | .9 m from the sides, and result in overall clearance dimensions of 19’x11’ | 5.8 m x 3.4 m (209 ft2 | 19.4 m2). Recreational style venues should have overall clearances of 28’x13’ | 8.5 m x 4 m (364 ft2 | 33.8 m2). International tournaments are regulated at minimum overall clearances of 46’x23’ | 14 m x 7 m (1,058 ft2 | 98.3 m2).


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End Clearance: 5’ | 1.53 m
Side Clearance: 3’ | .9 m
Overall Length: 19’ | 5.8 m
Overall Width: 11’ | 3.4 m
Overall Area: 209 ft2 | 19.4 m2

Recreational Play:
Overall Length: 28’ | 8.5 m
Overall Width: 13’ | 4 m
Overall Area: 364 ft2 | 33.8 m2

International Tournament:
Overall Length: 46’ | 14 m
Overall Width: 23’ | 7 m

Overall Area: 1,058 ft2 | 98.3 m2



Drawings include:
Table Tennis | Ping Pong Clearances plan (minimum), plan (recreational), plan (tournament)


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Table tennis, also popularly called ping-pong, is a table sport where players use paddles (rackets) to hit a lightweight polymer ball over a central net. Played on a hard table surface, table tennis is a fast paced game that requires players to react quickly to their opponent(s).