Cricket Ball

Drawing of a Cricket Ball showing dimensioned analysis of the diameter and circumference

The Cricket Ball is a ball for playing cricket, usually very solid. Its manufacture is regulated at the high-level by cricket laws to avoid manipulation. The ball is made of leather covering a cork core wrapped with strings, and its trajectory will depend on how the bowler strikes it through the air. The cricket ball has traditionally been red in all Test cricket while white in one-day cricket matches, though training and informal cricket matches use red, white, or pink balls. Cricket balls are hit with lots of force such that it alters the properties of the ball, which can influence the result of a match.

Assorted drawings of Cricket Balls in a variety of angles

Cricket Balls have a diameter between 2.8”-2.86” (7.1-7.26 cm) and circumference from 8.81”-9” (224-229 mm). The mass of a Cricket Ball is between 5.5-5.75 oz (156-163 g).


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2.8”-2.86” | 7.1-7.26 cm (Diameter)
5.5-5.75 oz | 156-163 g

Circumference: 8.81”-9” | 224-229 mm

Materials: Cork core; leather exterior case
Surface: 6 stitches



Drawings include:
Cricket Ball Elevations (various)

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Cricket is a team sport where players on a field take turns to bat and bowl, and attempt to score runs. Cricket began in the mid 14th century England in natural clearings. Two teams of 11 players attempt to hit a ball around an oval field, and run to one or past all three stumps to score a run.