Ping-Pong Paddle | Table Tennis Racket

Measured drawings of a standard Ping-Pong Paddle (Table Tennis Racket) with dimensions for height, width and depth

Ping-Pong Paddles, or Table Tennis Rackets, are laminated rubber sponge covered wooden rackets comprised of a blade and a handle. The ping pong blade refers to the upper wooden portion of the racket that is built up with one to seven layers (piles) of wood, cork, glass fiber, carbon fiber, aluminum fiber, or Kevlar customized for various play styles.

Ping-Pong Paddles (Table Tennis Rackets) have an average blade length of 6.7” (17 cm), blade width of 5.9” (15 cm), an overall length between 9.45”-10.25” (240-260 mm). The weight of a Ping-Pong Paddle is between of 2.47-3.53 oz (70-100 g). Players looking for more ‘control’ of the ball should choose a thinner sponge thickness between .06”-.07” (1.5-1.9 mm), while players looking for a more offensive play style should select a thicker sponge of larger than .08” (2 mm).


*Under Development*

5.9” | 15 cm
.85”-.91” | 21.8-23 mm
9.45”-10.25” | 24-26 cm
2.47-3.53 oz | 70-100 g

Blade Length: 6.7” | 17 cm
Handle Length: 3.75”-3.93” | 9.6-10 cm
Sponge Thickness: .06”-.1” | 1.5-2.5 mm
Materials: Wooden racket, rubber laminated surface



Drawings include:
Ping-Pong Paddle (Table Tennis Racket) front elevation, side, bottom


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Table tennis, also popularly called ping-pong, is a table sport where players use paddles (rackets) to hit a lightweight polymer ball over a central net. Played on a hard table surface, table tennis is a fast paced game that requires players to react quickly to their opponent(s).