Measured illustration of a Dartboard dimensioned with overall diameter, depth, and wedge sizes

A Dartboard is a circular target used to catch darts when playing Darts and is placed against the wall with the bull’s eye being at eye level. A Dartboard is typically divided into 20 sections. Each section is divided by a thin metal and is marked with a number. A Dartboard is usually made from compressed sisal fibers or boar bristles and cork. The surface of a Dartboard is sanded smooth and printed with various colors.

Scaled illustration of a Dartboard compared to Archery Targets

Dartboards have a regulated overall diameter of 17.75” (451 mm), typical depth of 1.5” (38.1 mm) and weight between 10-12 lb (4.54-5.44 kg).


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17.75” | 451 mm (Diameter)
1.5” | 38.1 mm (Typical)
10-12 lb | 4.54-5.44 kg

Circumference: 55.78” | 141.69 cm
Bullseye Height:
5’8” | 172.72 cm
Bullseye Diameter:
.5” | 12.7 mm
Outer Bullseye Diameter:
1.26” | 32 mm
Center to Outside Treble:
4.21” | 107 mm
Center to Outside Double:
6.69” | 170 mm
Double & Treble Rings:
.315” | 8 mm
20 Radial Sections
Materials: Sisal or hemp fiber (bristle), cork, paper, or wooden boards; metal rings and wedges



Drawings include:
Dartboard front elevation, side

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Darts is a competitive game of skill where players throw small missiles (darts) at a circular board (dartboard) attached to a wall. The sport of darts has many types of games, but the title darts has come to be a general term for any variant played with three darts part round.