Side Chest Pose

Collection of drawings of the Side Chest Pose performed by various bodybuilders

In a Side Chest Pose, bodybuilders aim to show off their chest size and thickness from right or left. Bodybuilders choose to show off a side that would give them more points, but the best practice is to turn your body on either side so that judges get an excellent view. Aim also to display your shoulder, forearm size, arm, thigh separation, and calf development. The side chest pose is one that involves lots of skills to grasp. To succeed, you must learn how to stand on your toes, straighten your back leg, bend your front leg, expel air out of your lungs, and even expand your rib cage.

Set of outline silhouette drawings of the Side Chest Pose performed by assorted bodybuilders


*Under Development*


Displays: Chest size and thickness, shoulder size, arm size, forearm size, thigh separation, calf development



Drawings include:
Side Chest Pose assorted bodybuilders

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Bodybuilding is a sport involving physical exercise to enlarge one's muscles to create an aesthetically toned figure. The first bodybuilding competition was organized in 1901. In competitive bodybuilding, participants are lined up and showcase their body or certain muscle groups in specific poses.