Pair of drawings of a Dart showing dimensioned analysis of their length, width, and various components

Darts are the objects that are thrown during a game of Darts and each player plays with a set of 3. Darts are typically constructed from wood (traditional), brass, nickel, or tungsten. The four main parts of a Dart include the point, the shaft, the grip, and the flight.

The point of a Dart can either be fixed or movable and is usually soft. The shaft is the part of the Dart that is held by the player before throwing it, while the grip of the Dart provides a better hold. The flight of the Dart gives the Dart a smooth movement towards the Dartboard and is usually made from feathers.

Darts have a typical overall length between 5”-7” (12.7-17.8 cm) and standard flight width of 1.57” (4 cm). The barrel of a dart ranges from 1.81”-2.09” (46-53 mm) with a point length of 1.26” or 1.61” (32, 41 mm). The preferred mass of a dart is between .63-.92 oz (18-26 g).


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1.57” | 4 cm (Flight)
5”-7” | 12.7-17.8 cm (Typical Overall)
.63-.92 oz | 18-26 g

Barrel Diameter: .25”-.28” | 6.35-7.11 mm

Barrel Length: 1.81”-2.09” | 46-53 mm
Point Length: 1.26”, 1.61” | 32, 41 mm

Maximum Length: 11.81” | 30 cm

Materials: Brass, nickel silver, or Tungsten barrel; steel tip; plastic polymer, nylon or foil flight



Drawings include:
Darts side elevation, front

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Darts is a competitive game of skill where players throw small missiles (darts) at a circular board (dartboard) attached to a wall. The sport of darts has many types of games, but the title darts has come to be a general term for any variant played with three darts part round.