Fencing Sabre

Dimensioned elevation drawing of a Fencing Sabre measured with length, width and depth

A Fencing Sabre is used by Fencing players to score with both the cutting edge and back of the blade, as opposed to only using the tip like the other Fencing weapons. The blade of the Fencing Sabre is made out of steel and is rectangular. The Fencing Sabre also has a guard that provides hand protection. Similar to the other Fencing weapons, Fencing Sabres are available in electric or non-electric types. When using a Fencing Sabre the target areas include the torso above the waist, head, and arms. The hands and any area below the waist are off-target.

Fencing Sabres have a length of 41.34” (105 cm), handguard width of 5.5” (14 cm), and handguard depth of 5.9” (15 cm). The mass of a Fencing Sabre is 17.63 oz (500 g).


*Under Development*

5.5” | 14 cm (Handguard)
5.9” | 15 cm (Handguard)
41.34” | 105 cm
17.63 oz | 500 g (Max)

Blade Length: 34.65” | 88 cm

Handle Length: 6.7” | 17 cm

Handguard Width: 5.5” | 14 cm

Handguard Depth: 5.9” | 15 cm
Materials: Maraging Steel



Drawings include:
Fencing Sabre Elevations (various)

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Fencing is the combat sport where fencers fight with the traditional skillsets of swordsmanship. The goal of fencing is to accumulate points by touching your opponent with your sword. There are three types of fencing weapons and each type of sword has a rule set and special technique to use.