Fennec Fox

Collection of scaled drawings of Fennec Fox in various poses

The Fennec Fox (Vulpes zerda), found in northern Africa as well as the Sinai and Arabian peninsulas, is a small-sized fox distinguished by its tiny head and large ears. In addition to it being a distinctive feature, the ears of the Fennec Fox work to dissipate heat for this desert dweller.

The Fennec Fox also has thick, cream-colored fur which works to deflect the heat of the sun during the day. Ultimately, the Fennec Fox will avoid heat by spending its days burrowed underground, feeding on insects and smaller animals at night.

Series of side elevation illustrations of the Fennec Fox

Fennec Foxs have a shoulder height of 7”-9” (18-23 cm), body length between 10”-16” (25-41 cm), and an overall weight in the range of 2-4 lb (1-2 kg). The typical lifespan of a Fennec Fox is 8-10 years in the wild and up to 10-14 years in captivity.


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7”-9” | 18-23 cm
10”-16” | 25-41 cm
2-4 lb | 1-2 kg
Scientific Name:
Vulpes zerda
8-10 years (wild); up to 10-14 years (captivity)


Drawings include:
Fennec Fox side elevation (standing), front (standing), side (sitting), side (lying down)

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Foxes are carnivorous mammals under the taxonomic rank Vulpini and fit into the family Canidae. They are usually very social, cunning, and identified by the long-bushy tail, upright triangular ears, flattened skull, and the ability to move pretty fast.

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